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The substance is an alpha-hydroxy acid derived from bitter almonds. Its main indication is for a peeling that acts without cause burning and stinging and not at the expense of effectiveness. The mmediatezza result regarding light and cleaning of the skin surface completes the positive picture. The skin exfoliation is progressive, easily hidden by 'hydration of a cream for this is defined as "the peeling for all seasons" for the treatment of the most common skin problems such as photo aging, irregular pigmentation, acne, wrinkles. In particular mandelic acid has depigmentation and antibiotic properties, which make it a product of choice in the treatment of inflammatory and cystic not even in the post-operative treatment in the case of laser resurfacing to prevent the development of infections.

• Exfoliating action: With its prerogatives chemical - physical treatments mandelic acid are called "peeling summer", because unlike the other (alfaidrossi acids) is not photo-sensitizing.

• interaction with other treatments: used in combination with other chemical peels more drastic, it offers the advantage of reducing the repair time of the skin. also enhances the power of the other depigmenting peeling and accelerates the reaction time (with the risk of mild erythema) It has been home testing performed on 1,100 patients over three years, making use domiciliarmente 2 times a day, a product formulated with mandelic acid from 1-2 to 10%. in addition, it was recommended to use a maintenance cream-based vitamins.

80% of patients are not detected burning sensation or irritation phenomena. All patients immediately noticed a skin brighter, cleaner, compact and clear.

Regarding the treatment of small wrinkles and skin lines, with a treatment to 10%, the skin appears significantly improved. In particular, they significantly improve dark skin (photo aged) and unlike the treatments with glycolic acid, without erythema or redness. Currently we adopt the American classification of fitzpatrick

Type 1: No tans, erythema ago, delicate skin, blond hair darker green eyes - brown;

Type 2: tans occasionally makes erythema, delicate skin, blond hair blue eyes - green;

Type 3: Often tans, sometimes ago erythema, average skin, brown hair brown eyes;

Type 4: tans, no erythema, olive skin, brown eyes and hair blacks blacks

Type 5: tans, no erythema, dark skin, hair blacks eyes blacks;

Type 6: Does erythema, black skin, hair blacks eyes blacks;

Hyperpigmentation: Also included in this category melasma, hyperpigmentation and freckles, melasma in most patients improved by 50% after one month of treatment with two daily mandelic acid to 10%. Freckles, when treated undergo a clearing very slow that sometimes takes months. Using products based on mandelic acid occurred which brighten much more quickly, without side effects.

How to use: The home application provides for the application of the product to 10% once a day. leave on for 7-8 minutes then rinse thoroughly with water. Apply a moisturizing cream strongly in the application institute provides an exposure time of 5-6 minutes and rinse with water.


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 Mandelic acid Farmavit

Mandelic acid Farmavit